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How to Create a Web3 Startup
Taulli, Tom

Web3 is the next evolution for the World Wide Web based on Blockchain technology. This book will equip entrepreneurs with the best preparation for the megatrend of Web3 by reviewing its core concepts such as DAOs, tokens, dApps, and Ethereum. With Web2, much of the valuable data and wealth has been concentrated with a handful of mega tech operators like Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon. This has made it difficult for startups to get an edge. It has also meant that users have had little choice but to give up their value data for free. Web3 aims to upend this model using a decentralized approach that is on the blockchain and crypto. This allows for users to become stakeholders in the ecosystem. Along with exploring core concepts of Web3 like DAOs, tokens, dApps, and Ethereum, this book will also examine the main categories that are poised for enormous opportunities.