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Smith’s Patient-Centered Interviewing
Fortin Auguste

A comprehensive, evidence-based introduction to the principles and practices of patient communication in a clinical setting Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing, Fourth Edition presents a step-by-step methodology for mastering every aspect of the medical interview. Readers will learn how to confidently obtain from patients accurate biomedical facts, as well as critical personal, social, and emotional information, allowing them to make a precise diagnosis, develop effective treatment plans, and forge strong clinician-patient relationships. The most evidence-based guide available on the topic, Smith's Patient-Centered Interviewing, Fourth Edition applies the proven 5-step approach, which integrates patient- and clinician-centered skills to improve effectiveness without adding extra time to the interview duration. The book's user-friendly design features icons, boxed case vignettes, and use of color to highlight key points, and pedagogy includes learning an practice exercises in each chapter.