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Global atlas of refugees and asylum seekers
Vila Freyer, Ana,

Dive into the intricate and globally significant topic of asylum and refugees with the "Global Atlas of Refugees and Asylum Seekers." This compelling collection of essays, curated by a diverse group of renowned scholars, offers an extensive exploration of migration patterns, paradigms, and lessons from around the world. As you journey through the chapters, you'll gain unique insights into how countries have responded to the unprecedented refugee crisis, examining notable cases such as Costa Rica, the United States, Canada, Chile, Mexico, and many more. Discover the complexities of asylum systems and the changing landscapes of migration policies in nations as diverse as Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Greece, Sweden, Spain, and North Macedonia. Delve into the geopolitical implications of seeking refuge and asylum, with a comprehensive analysis of the Palestinian diaspora and an exploration of Pakistan, India, Turkey, and the communitarian-based strategy in refugee laws. This essential compendium provides a comprehensive understanding of the intricate dynamics and global challenges surrounding asylum and refugees.

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