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Bibliographic managers are an indispensable tool in your university academic development. They will allow you to quickly and easily manage references within your academic writing and publications. Find out all the information here.

¿Qué es un gestor bibliográfico?

They are tools that allow you to create, manage, organize, share and shape the bibliographic references of all types of documents from different sources of information (databases, journals, web pages, etc.). In addition, they allow the creation of citations and collection of bibliographies in working documents with a standardized format (APA, for example).


1. Advantages of using a bibliographic reference manager.

2. Ease of collecting and handling large reference volumes.

3. Automation in the generation of the bibliography.

3. Changes between citation styles.

4. Support in the creation of appointments in the preparation of the work.

5. Management of shared use for group work.

6. Time saving in handling references.

7. Storing documents directly at Mendeley

8. Avoid incurring in plagiarism when writing work.

¿Qué es Mendeley?

Mendeley is a free reference manager that helps you organize your research, a research social network to collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research.




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If you want to be trained in the use of the Mendeley tool, request a training on Module C at the following link .

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